Starting food business is difficult and challenging,We’re here to make that easier.

With our flexible infrastructure, personalized mentorship, educational workshops, events, and a vibrant community of culinary professionals,

We provide the tools for you to reshape the food industry.


Problems of Food Business Operator ~

  • High Real Estate Investment
  • Steep setup cost
  • Licensing Issues
  • Expensive Equipment
  • Lack of Quality Infrastructure
  • Unproductive Delays in Starting the Actual Business



Why Choose Us ?

At FoodCoWorks We Provide :

  • Fully Equipped Multi Cuisine Kitchen, Just ‘walk in’ & start business in a matter of hours
  • No Brokerage
  • Full time Housekeeping with Community Concierge
  • Pay Per Use or Flexible Membership
  • Less Capex Cost compared to traditional kitchens


Get In Touch

We’re here to help.

Thanks for your interest in FoodCoWorks.

We’re ready to lend a hand to answer any questions you might have about pricing, equipment, or availability.

Just drop us an email or give us a call.

Email:        FoodCoWorks@Gmail.Com

Phone:       +91 9769 04 11 55
                      +91 7219 65 62 59